Esoth's Hunter Tools (beta)


I haven't actually received any questions yet, but here's a guess at what the common questions are going to be

How is spell selection determined?
Right now the priority rotation is hidden, but I hope to get at least some of it visible in the future. Basically, each spec has a list of conditions that it steps through until it reaches one where all of the conditions are passed. These conditions are based on states, such as whether a buff is active or how much focus you have. If you view the model in debug mode you can see some of these states, conditions, and the largest subsection of states: cooldowns. Once the spell is chosen, I calculate any damage or effects from it, determine if anything else has happened in that time (like a pet attack), and then update all of the cooldowns and states. This process is repeated until the total time passed has passed the set limit.
Where are options to tweak the rotation in certain cases?
They're coming.
What about equipping items, especially for trinkets?
Also coming, although probably not until they are available on the armory so I can check for consistency. One reason to include items instead of just entering a number for each stat is for unique non-stat behavior, such as on trinkets and set bonuses. Another is because I suspect most people are going to want to import their current character into the app and then tweak it by changing out a couple pieces of actual gear.
Why are the counts for auto shot and other abilities showing up as "--"?
I don't actually compute auto shot, pet auto attack, or derivatives (exotic ammunition) on a shot by shot basis. Those shots are completely independent of your spell selection rotation, but are affected by various procs and abilities. One way to model them would be to compute average uptimes of all abilities and calculate auto shot damage based on that. This can run into recursion problems since auto shot may effect some abilities' priorities or strengths but we need ability totals to calculate uptimes. I opted instead to compute auto shot DPS based on the current states within a special ability block (a row in the model view) and multiply that by the length of that block to get the damage. This isn't perfect as it basically interprets states in discreet packets (quanta!) of special ability blocks, instead of its exact duration, but the blocks are short enough that it shouldn't have much of an effect.
What about Serpent Sting?
The first Arcane Shot or Multi-Shot apply a dot and every time one of these is cast the dot is refreshed. From this I calculate the uptime (almost 100%) and multiply this by DPS of the serpent sting tick (its damage divided by 15). In addition, each Arcane Shot or Multi-Shot do an instant amount of damage equivalent to one tick, or Serpent Sting damage divided by 5. The sum of the instants and dot is multiplied by the number of targets to get the total.
How is Stampede computed?
Stampede is tricky because to do it right I'd probably have to model a second pet (multiplied by 4) for its duration, including tracking its focus and all of the various states of things happening. I may do this in the future, but it's fairly complicated and would take awhile to develop. Instead I decided to do the following estimate. Take our regular pet's auto attack and basic damage total and divide by the total time to get average pet DPS. This is multiplied by the duration (20s) to get the damage, multiplied by 4 (since four extra pets are summoned), multiplied by the number of times Stampede was cast.
(pet_auto + pet_basic)/time * 20 * 4 * casts
Again, this is a rough approximation.